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Nonprofit organization Nebo Slovian

We founded a nonprofit organization Nebo Slovian on the July 26, 2022.

For the first five months of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by russia, each member of our team worked towards the victory by helping Ukrainian soldiers and civilians.

Creation of the organization is a new stage of our volunteering. We believe that the official status will expand our possibilities in providing help to those who need it the most.


Olga Kokhan

Co-founder and President of the organization

Olga carries out strategic management and control on behalf of the Board of Directors and manages the operational activities of the Fund. Responsible for finding partners in Ukraine

Liliia Zurochka


Lily represents our organization in the United States of America. Responsible for finding partners in the USA.

Liliia Decos


Liliia is our SMM specialist and communications strategist. Responsible for finding partners and donors in Europe.

What we are doing

The main activity of the organization is aimed at helping Ukrainian soldiers and the civilian population. Today, we are helping five military brigades and several civilian communities not only in the Chernihiv region but across the whole country.

We created separate pages with
current requests from civilians and each brigade we are working with. 
We post frequently on Facebook and Instagram about
our activities and help we provided to civilians and Ukrainian soldiers.

How to help

We receive requests for assistance from our military and civilians every day.

You can contribute financially and the size of the donation does not matter, because there are no small donations! Every dollar matters.

You can contribute by buying something from the list above. We value your opinion, send us your ideas and proposals, we will gladly consider them!

Our Partners

Grateful to our partners for their constant support